20 Blog Ideas For Your Business

Everyone is talking about creating content, and blogging is a great way to do that. Blogging is a great way to build relationships with your customers and show them why they should do business with YOU.

Here are 20 ideas:

  1. Customer success story – When you receive a testimonial from a customer, ask their permission to write a case study and use it as a blog post. You can also use the post to generate more success stories from your customers.
  2. Answer questions everyone is asking – This is a great idea for a blog post if you think your industry or service is boring. Think about answering all those questions people ask you the most and you could do each one as a separate topic!
  3. Pose your own question – What would you really like to know about your customers? Just ask the question and let your readers help you create the content.
  4. Interview – Help customers get to know your staff by choosing 4-5 quick questions and interviewing them. You can also video them and post to social media.
  5. Add a viewpoint – Find out what is trending on the news and add your perspective.
  6. Talk about trends – You convey authority when talking about your opinion about how things are evolving in your industry.
  7. Discuss your plans – Let your customers into what your future plans may be.
  8. Review a product or service – Not your own, but a product or service that is related to what you are doing and your customers might be interested in.
  9. Tips and tricks – If you are selling a product that needs a manual – make your blog an education tool.
  10. Review a book – Give your own write-up of a book you think your customers would like or be interested in.
  11. Post a video – This could be a preview of a new product or an invite to an event.
  12. Make a podcast – Record a quick interview with an expert and give your useful tips.
  13. Go behind the scenes – Give readers a video or photographic tour of your production line, customer service desk or backroom.
  14. Staff profiles – Make your business more human by adding photos and a short bio for each of your employees.
  15. Educate – Explain how it works when people buy from you. Take people through the process.
  16. Tell your story – Why do you do what you do? What got you there? People love this stuff!
  17. Show your charity work – If your business gives back to the community – write an article and take photos of you doing it!
  18. Show your passion – What aspect of your business gets you excited? What customer story have you got to tell?
  19. Resource list – What business tools do you find helpful that you would like to share? You could also list your favourite books.
  20. Follow your competitors – If you are short of ideas, find out what they are doing!

Remember! Blog regularly and maximise your blog by sharing it in your e-newsletter, on your social media channels and sharing it with your network. The best blogs are full of variety and updated regularly.

If you would love to have regular blog posts, but you don’t have time, or you would like to get more people reading and sharing them, consider hiring a freelance copywriter. Meet Jenny at Choice Words or find out more.

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