Meet Me

Jenny Wishart - Freelance Copywriter

I'm Jenny. I'm a Freelance Copywriter and Content Creator.

But, I’m also a creative thinker, storyteller, blogger, interviewer, listener, researcher, relationship builder, adventurer, mother and wife.

I love wrestling with words until they ‘click’. That means, playing around with words and, phrases that inspire, engage and evoke an emotional response. As a creative copywriter, I use my special copywriting powers to inspire and persuade people to take action. No hard sell, just refreshing, clear content that your customers want to read. 

So... YES, I am a word geek...but it's so much more than that!

Why choose me?

  • I invest time in getting to know you, your business and why you do what you do.
  • I ask you questions your customers want to know. 
  • I’m down to earth and easy to work with.
  • I’m an experienced writer, marketing savvy and think outside the square. 
  • I know how to get into the hearts and minds of your customers. 
  • I write for humans, not robots.

What's in it for you?

  • A tone of voice that feels like your own. 
  • Consistent brand messaging throughout your communications. 
  • Well researched content for real-life human beings. 
  • Spectacular copywriting that inspires leads and gets more sales. 
  • Renewed confidence in promoting your business. 
  • Better relationships with your customers and more loyalty. 
  • Faster business growth with proven techniques that get results. 

Who do I write for?

I work with creative agencies, marketers, comms teams, entrepreneurs, and b2b companies. 

My clients come from a variety of industries, but they all have one thing in common. They value people and put them at the heart of what they do. These businesses are built out of a passion to help people and make a difference in the world.

Does that sound like you? If it is… contact me today.

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