My Process

Harness that power and get more out of your marketing.

My mission is to use the power of words to give your business a clear voice, and create people-focused content that strengthens your relationships with your customers. 

Because better relationships mean more sales, more referrals and more business growth. 

People focused content = better relationships = sustainable growth

My 5 step process...

Step 1: Gather

The first step in my process is an in-depth consultation where I get to know you and your business, learn more about your target customers and your aspirations. You may already have ideas about your tone of voice and your brand messaging. 

Step 2: Explore

When I have got to know you better, I will ask you more questions about your customers. Because understanding their problems, needs and desires is the key to writing effective copy. This also means diving deeper into the hearts and minds of your customers through qualitative research and creative investigation. 

Step 3: Visualise

Inspired by your business and with a better understanding of your customers, I will give you a clear tone of voice for your brand and map out a clear vision for your project. 

Step 4: Create

Now it’s time for me to write clear, concise words that speak ‘human’. I’ll create vivid stories and emotionally driven content that engages your customers and inspires them to take action. 

Step 5: Evaluate

I can help you get the most out of your content and make suggestions on how to adapt your content for different mediums and channels. 

Wondering what to start with?

Check out my copywriting services.