What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of writing text that promotes a product, a business, a person or a service. It has nothing to do with protecting people’s work against theft (copyright). The written text is known as ‘copy’.

As consumers, we read ‘copy’ everyday, on the internet, on social-media, on TV, on the bus, walking down the high-street, in brochures, flyers and in newspapers and magazines – it is part of a $2.3 trillion ($3.7 trillion NZD) industry worldwide.

A copywriter writes words for advertising and marketing purposes. Such as web pages, emails, blogs, brochures, billboards, taglines, ads and other sales copy.

Copywriting is not just about being good at language, grammar, and spelling. A good copywriter has to understand marketing and know how to craft the right words to sell.

As a freelance copywriter, I enjoy getting to know my clients and their businesses. I spend time asking them questions before I put pen to paper, as I want to know what makes them tick!

Then the writing process begins. I carefully select words and write in a clear, compelling way that persuades the reader to take a specific action. Whether it’s picking up the phone, or clicking to find out more and buy.

Yes! Words that sell!

Just imagine for a minute how a professional copywriter can help you…

  • You’ll get copy that meets your brief first time.
  • Your website visitors will stick around.
  • Your business will get found on Google.
  • Your marketing will be consistent.
  • Your brand will get noticed among your competitors.
  • You will get more leads and more sales.
  • You will save time.

In a nutshell – you’ll get better results for your marketing efforts!

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