10 Reasons To Hire A Freelance Copywriter

Ok, so imagine you’re the owner of an online store and you need copy for your new website.

What do you do?

a) Save money and write it yourself.

b) Ask a local ad agency, digital marketing company or web designer? or

c) Hire a freelance copywriter.

For the purpose of this blog, lets talk about c!

Here are 10 reasons to hire a freelance copywriter:

Copywriting isn’t everyone’s thing.

1. Professional copywriters know how to create copy that gets results.

If you want more leads, more sales or more people to know about you, a professional copywriter knows how to get you copy that achieves your goals. Because they:

  • Understand brand awareness and management
  • Know how to persuade and influence with words
  • Understand different audiences and channels
  • Have a flair for language crafting and creative writing
  • Have a geeky interest in grammar and spelling (well that might be just me!)

Professionally written copy will pay for itself many times over in the sales it generates – which is a positive return on investment.

2. A copywriter specialises in persuasive marketing communications.

If you need a lawyer or an accountant you hire one right? So why would you consider writing your own copy?

Just like them, a copywriter has a relevant degree and has spent years perfecting their craft. A freelance copywriter has to write on a daily basis, keep up to date with the latest copywriting trends, content marketing and SEO.

Professional copywriters are also trained to write for many different industries and know how to adapt their copy to many different mediums.

3. Freelance copywriters will charge you less than a marketing agency or web design firm.

Many agencies outsource their copy to freelance copywriters and then mark up the price they quote to their clients.

I collaborate with a handful of communications agencies, web designers, graphic designers, digital agencies and brand agencies. Working behind the scenes to create copy for their clients.

If your project is primarily copy – go straight to a copywriter and save money on the middleman!

4. Professional copywriters know how to work with other designers and this ensures you get the best outcome.

Freelance copywriters know how to work with other creatives. They understand how they work and can save you more money than if you did it yourself.

5. Writing your own copy is not the best use of your time.

If you’re running a business your time is valuable. Any business coach or mentor will tell you to outsource. Not only will outsourcing your copy free up your time but it will probably get done more quickly, plus it will get finished!

6. You’re too close to your business to write it objectively.

When you live and breathe every aspect of your business your perspective is quite different to your customers. You know all the jargon and it’s quite easy to end up churning out corporate-speak that your customers will find confusing.

Good copywriters can look at your business objectively, ask you questions that you may not have considered and identify the key points that will attract your customers.

7. A copywriter gets you more bang for your buck.

Copywriters know how to leverage your copy for different channels.

E.g. How to take an article and write it for the web. Use it for social-media posts, infographics, and even videos.

8. Your copy will be professionally written and error-free.

Nothing looks more unprofessional than bad grammar, spelling and content riddled with typos. A copywriter will write your content, revise it, proof it and craft your copy to perfection.

9. Give your business a personality with clear brand messaging.

You’ve worked hard building your business, but when you try and produce your own marketing materials it simply falls flat. A copywriter knows how to inject personality into your communications so that you can create better relationships with your customers.

10. A freelance copywriter becomes a resource.

Copywriting isn’t just about writing, it’s about research. If you have hired a copywriter for a job, they know you, they understand your business, and they know who your ideal customer is. Think of them as a member of your team and use them whenever you need to refresh your brand, update your marketing materials, website etc.

If you know someone who could be interested in hiring a freelance copywriter, please contact Jenny Wishart, Freelance Copywriter at Choice Words.

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